Dental Surgery

Dental surgery (also called dentoalveolar surgery) comprises a variety of commonly performed oral surgery procedures.


Teeth may need to be removed for a several reasons. Decay and periodontal disease (gum disease) are the most common indications. Your orthodontist may recommend tooth removal as part of orthodontic treatment in cases of severe crowding or in cases of extra or impacted teeth. We will take care to make the extraction as simple and gentle as possible.

Bracket and Chain

A tooth which is buried and/or out of position will require a procedure to allow your orthodontist to bring it into position. Our Doctors will expose the tooth and bond an orthodontic bracket onto it. A small gold chain connects the bracket with the orthodontic appliances already in place. Your orthodontist will then gently bring the tooth into position.


Sometimes there can be changes in the oral tissues that need to be diagnosed. These changes can take place on the surface of the oral mucosa or in the bone. We will remove a sample of the tissue and send it to an outside oral pathology lab for diagnosis. The outside oral pathology lab is a separate entity from Orange County Oral Surgery and Implant Center and is billed accordingly. Once our Doctors receive the lab report, they will discuss any further required treatment with you.